Free Delivery Policy for Indian customers

  1. We deliver to Indian customers by Gati cargo, part load truck transportations, or separate trucking.
  2. For Gati cargo the transportation charges we bear upto Indian Rs. 2000.
  3. For truck transporters / pick up we can bear upto Indian Rs. 5000.
  4. For products / projects total costing Rs. 3,00,000 and more will be delivered in pick up or LP truck free of charges.
  5. Transportation Time: It requires 7 days to arrange the transportation, For Big Orders where we are sending separate Mahindra Pick up or truck.
  6. Transportation Time: It requires 15-20 days to arrange the transportation, For small Orders or part loads.
  7. Kindly Note that there is no free delivery for international customers. For all International shipments, customers are required to pay shipping charges on actual basis.

  8. Kindly note that marble tiles and slabs, Granite tiles and slabs or any tiles and slabs are not delivered free.

  9. Art work Samples of any size, dimensions, designs, patterns etc are always paid. samples are not delivered free.