Architects & Interior Designers: Special Pricing for projects referred by Architects & Interior Designers

We love working with Architects and Interior Designers. We salute the creativity they put in projects.

We invite Architects & Interior Designers from around the world to recommend us and refer the projects / products. We have a special pricing policy for Architects & Interior Designers to keep the costs low for them.

If you wish to get special pricing & estimate of your projects Please mention in your email that you are a architect or Interior Designers company.

We are open to new creations. we welcome new designs and will love to work on various arts forms, contemporary and fusion themes. our speciality is to make modern products using the old world art deco forms. We use stones, marbles, granites, sandstones, teak wood, rosewood, MDF, Plywood, Sterling silver, German Silver, White metal, gold leafs, camel bones, Mother of pearls [shells] semi precious stones like lapis lazuli, melachite etc.

We make furniture using Art forms as carving on stones, carving on woods, stone inlays [pietra dura], silver covering, gold leafing etc.