Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly read the below Frequently Asked Questions. This should give you answers to most of the general questions. We have provided plenty of information here and new link below.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the products made of marble?
Yes, the products are made of solid marbles, granites, sandstone, teakwood etc.

Carved Doors are made of Teakwood only.
Meenakari Doors are made of Teakwood, Waterproof Plywood and Meenakari.
White Metal doors are made of Teakwood, Waterproof Plywood and covered with German Silver. German Silver is also Known as Electro Plated Nickel Silver ( EPNS )

How do I order / enquire an item?
You can use the automated system available at our website for selecting the products by clicking the button “add to enquiry list”. Once you have clicked all the products you are interested then click the “email us” link. This will show you all the products selected by you.

Provide the name, email, address, telephone numbers and message. Please make sure you double-check your typed email address because we will use this email address to contact you back. If by mistake It is typed wrong then we have no way to contact you back.

After providing this click the “Send Query” button. This system will automatically send the details to us. Or simply email us the item code with desired delivery location and we will revert back to you with all the details (shipment and handling charges, time to deliver, any other information etc.).

Does Rukmani Arts & Exports accept credit cards online?
, this facility is available and you can use Paypal for making payments to us by using your credit card.

UPDATE: We stopped taking credit card payments online, But we receive the payments through credit cards at our showroom.

How do I pay for my orders?
You can pay by bank / wire transfer. We also allow for payment via online means (PAYPAL).

Can I trust Rukmani Arts & Exports with my orders?
Rukmani Arts & Exports
is Government of India Registered, certified, Award winner Exporter. We, are a Little company, and in business since last 10 yrs.  Please feel free to order. we have customers in most parts of the world. So please email us and we will try to offer references of our satisfied customer in your country.

Which countries do you ship orders?
We currently ship orders worldwide.

Are the items custom cleared before shipment?
Yes. We clear the items from the customs before shipment.  Customers are not required to pay a single penny for Indian custom charges. All Indian custom duties are paid by us here and are included in the shipping prices.

Why are the Shipment Charges not mentioned? What mode (surface/air) do you use for shipment?
Since shipment charges vary from country to country as well as depend on your order volume, it is not possible to provide standardized shipment rate alongside the item rates. We will provide them on the basis of the items you order as well as the mode desired (ship/surface/air). We are doing this so that we maximize your satisfaction.

I want to order a few big pieces.  What are the terms for a large order shipment?
We have special wholesale rates for orders exceeding US$ 20,000 in value.  We prefer to ship them by Sea so as to keep shipping costs down.  Ask us and we will be glad to provide more details.

What are the sizes of the items on the Catalog? I can’t find any details!
The Natural stone products can be made in all sizes [keeping the proportions / ratios]. Typical specifications and prices of the products are emailed with the response of your order. We encourage customers to send us their requirements. We can make products as per custom sizes required by you.

Can I request for customizations or changes in the items on display in the catalog?
Yes!  Please feel free to suggest and our trained artisans will be in a position to create the items as per your requirements!
Customizations and alterations are possible all items and please feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

What all can be customized or altered in the items on display in the catalog?
: change the material and material color from marble to sandstone or vise versa.
Sizes: larger / smaller size items, change, creation of antique / old look.

Recommended, Please read Latest and More Frequently Asked Queations here!
You may have more specific questions. Feel free to email us at or Phone Call us :

0091 98292 70930 and 0091 98297 90949.

Kindly call India time 9 AM to 8 PM only.

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