Wooden Temple Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can i put the pooja items? do you make drawers in it?

Yes, all the temples are made with provision of drawers. So you can keep the pooja items in the drawers.

Can i ask to change the shikhar for the temple?

Normally all temples are made to best suitable shikhars; but if you like a particular temple and you also like shikhar of different temple then we can easily make the different shikhar for the temple you like.

What type of wood do you use?

We use rosewood / seesam / teakwood, waterproof woodply and MDF. Teak Wood is also known as Sagwan in India.

Can we hang the wooden temple on the wall?

Yes, Small size temples can be hanged on the walls.
Temple smaller than 2 ft height and width can be hanged on the wall. Big temples get heavy so it is a little hard to hang those on the wall. but if you like a big temple of size six feet in length and still want to hang it on wall then you will require to contact a carperter to do the job.
He will make necessary drills in the wall and temple and fix it on the wall with screws. although this idea of hanging a big temple on wall seems a little unusual but sometimes it works extra ordinarily well.
Imagine a temple size of length 6 feet, height 6 ft and depth 2 feet is hanging on a wall. Just marvellous.

What color / staining do you offer?

We can do any color you like to your temple.
if you like natural wood color polishes we also offer golden teak, brown teak, walnut brown, cherry red, rosewood and light, medium and dark shades of these.

I do not want to hang my temple on the wall, can i put it in a corner of my pooja room?

Yes, you can put temples in the corner. we specially make temples required for corners. In these temples the back is not flat but the temple is made at 90 degree to get into the corner. Also if you like you can hang these corner temples to the walls.

Can we keep our temple on the pooja room floor?

Yes, the temples has legs [paagay or paaye], so you can keep the temple on the floor also. This is specially helpful if you like to pray sitting in front of temple.

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